Beauty-full Christmas Crackers

Hi folks!

I was so spoilt this Christmas, and one of my favourite beauty related gifts this year has to be this gorgeous Cracking Cow cracker from Cowshed.

Cowshed cracker

Doesn’t it look fabulous by the fireside where Father Christmas left it.

It contains Lippy Cow lip balm and Cow Herb hand cream.

Lippy and Hand Cream

The Lip balm is very moisturising and the Hand cream doesn’t smell too girly, which franglaisboy thinks is great as he is always stealing my hand cream.

My pick of the other beauty cracker offerings this Christmas:

Jo Malone Cracker

JO MALONE Christmas cracker

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Cracker

Molton Brown Pink Peppercorn Cracker

this works breathe Cracker


One thought on “Beauty-full Christmas Crackers

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