It’s that time of year again folks: Beauty Advent Calendar Day 1

Ooh I love Advent and the build up to Christmas. Over the years I’ve had a range of Advent Calendars, from a homemade one with pockets that my mum filled with sweets, lipgloss and socks, to a Lego one to share with franglaisboy.

This year I felt the need to treat myself with the You Beauty Advent Calendar, £69.95.


For most of the year, You Beauty do monthly beauty boxes, but at Christmas it’s time for something special.

I love surprises, so I only scanned the list of contents which came with the box, but what I saw looks fabulous.

Day one was a great way to start. A beautiful black velvet bag emerged from the first door to reveal…


Aurelia Miracle Cleanser and its own bamboo cloth.

I can’t wait try this out! Caroline Hirons raved about it in 2013.

Tune in for the next update on Sunday – I plan to blog this calendar every 3 days so there’s always lots of lovely products to drool over.

What are you treating yourself to this Advent? Maybe a Christmas Beauty Cracker? Which is your favourite Advent Calendar?


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